Ness Mann


I learnt how to make patchwork quilts from a teacher at school when I was about 9.  Even at that age I was captured by both the methodical process involved, and the memories and meaning a quilt can carry.  

My first proper large hand-stitched, floral, hexagon quilt took 20 years to complete and although it languished for years at a time lying unfinished in storage, being taken out and worked on periodically at more settled times, it brings back to mind glimpses of the people and places that surrounded me during those periods.  The fabrics also carry family memories - an old dress that was cut up, our old bathroom curtains, remnants from home-made clothes.

Since then I have found myself re-inventing my style to suit contemporary taste.  I use mainly plain materials, mostly new and some recycled, in cottons and silks.  Inspiration has been taken from architectural details such as tiled floors and from the optical illusions similar to those used by the Op Artists.

Living a less nomadic life and in my constant excitement to move on to the next idea, I now work at an entirely different pace and this series of 6 hand stitched quilts have all been produced between the clocks went back, Autumn 2013 and Autumn 2014.  

The centre panels are hand stitched with the borders being added by machine.  The wadding is 100% cotton, as is the backing and cotton thread is used for sewing and tying together the layers.   The exclusion of manmade materials gives a snug warmth and luxurious natural feel whilst allowing the bed to breath.  Each quilt is worked on exclusively by myself.  

Commissions can be carried out in the colours and size of your choice.   The range of cottons I currently use has around 120 colours to choose from so the possibilities are extensive.  Any fabrics that you may like to be part of your quilt can be discussed.

Please contact me  by email at: